PC Willow Media Support Service

PCWillow proudly offers the following products:

Photo portfolio

Capture the spirit and style of your music with a portfolio of eye-catching images by Chele Willow. Book a photography session of up to two hours at a venue of your choice and Chele will produce a CD of at least 100 high-resolution and high-quality images for that outstanding look on any page, screen or album cover.

Online press kit

To enhance your media profile and make life easier for journalists and broadcasters (as well as tour promoters and venue organisers), Pete and Chele will produce and maintain a press kit for your band for easy online access. This can be linked to your website or MySpace page, or could even be used as a mini-website in its own right.
The kit will include:

  • a selection of high resolution press photos in colour and black & white
  • a clear, punchy 'elevator pitch' to promote media interest
  • a reader-friendly biography, written to meet the needs of journalists
  • band membership details
  • discography
  • a regularly updated gig list and news section
  • as an optional extra, a selection of MP3 clips

    Social networking site

    PCWillow can design and set up your MySpace page to launch your worldwide network of fans and contacts in the music business.
    The page will include:

  • a stylish, eye catching background and design
  • a clear, reader-friendly mini-biography
  • access to up to 4 audio tracks
  • a graphic display of photos
  • 20 links to active MySpace friends to kick start your social network
  • as on optional extra, ongoing site maintenance including     correspondence with your MySpace friends